The Roaster and the Dame

The Making of Acme Coffee Roasting Co.

It was a cold November day that blew in on a tired, beat down, uninspired wholesale coffee roasting company where a hot, sweaty coffee roaster worked from dawn to dusk in a sooty, dingy outfit that didn’t care about him. Didn’t care about coffee, coffee beans, coffee growers, coffee making or coffee drinkin'. He was an unappreciated automaton. He knew coffee inside-and-out but no one in the joint cared. He would caress a rare batch of Ethiopian or Guatemalan coffee and it was like a love affair.

On this gray, solitary afternoon, the coffee roaster had the feeling he was being watched. Eyes were boring into the back of his head and he wasn’t in the mood. He spun around ready for the sharp tongue of his over fed and-over confident shift supervisor when he saw her.

A sleek mysterious look smoldered from the driver’s seat of a fully restored, creamy-white, 1960 Ford panel truck.

“Look here, Ace, I’ve been watchin' you for a while and what I say is, all you need is a hand-up and a roastin' machine of your own.” 

The Roaster knew the dame was right.

"See hear Dame, I don’t need this place. I need to be free, free to make the best old school coffee I can get my hands on. I need to drink it with my customers. I want to see their faces, know their names and teach them what I know so they can love coffee like me!"

 He felt power surging through his blood for the first time, in a long while. The Roaster flexed his muscles, ripped off his uniform, and walked out of that factory for the last time. He jumped into the tricked out, fully-restored 1960 Ford Panel truck, with the smoky babe, and drove off to create his destiny.

From the Blood, Sweat and Tears of The Roaster and The Dame grew ACME Coffee Roasting Company. A hip, ultra-cool joint where the dames and the dudes come from all over, to drink amazing coffee blends and espresso drinks.

The Roaster was roastin', the Dame was pourin', the music was pumpin' and no one had a care in the world except makin' and havin' the best cup of Joe-no matter what. 

Stay tuned as the Roaster meet’s his arch nemesis, Loafer Man!